About Us
About Us
A Brief History.
All figurines are hand cast tin alloy, pewter finish and hand crafted by Graeme Monk, they are destined to become Future Heirlooms.
Graeme's uncle was a firefighter in Te Aroha, New Zealand, in the early 1900's and his father was in the Auckland Fire Brigade during the 1940's.
The only mementos he has from those times are two faded and tatty photographs.
He has wished many times that he had something more substantial, as a memory of their service, which could be passed down through the family. One that was made of a material that would endure and survive the passing of time.
A figurine that would portray the times they loved to talk about and at the same time become a valued heirloom.
When a colleague left the Fire Service in 1985, after twenty-two years of service and was given a plastic shield as a farewell gift, Graeme was finally inspired to create his first firefighter figurine.
Some years later he was approached by the New Zealand Police to create one for their Armed Offenders Squad and slowly the range of figurines increased.
The Classique Sculptures range now stands at over thirty figurines and  wall plaques which include, not only Police and Firefighters, but also some sports figurines.

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Hand cast tin alloy, pewter finish Sculptures, destined to become Future Heirlooms.
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